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Although Dada is currently based in Urbana, Illinois, he travels a lot and gives lectures, workshops, seminars and musical performances throughout the world.  If you would like him to offer a program in your area, here are some of the possibilities:


  • Lectures

  • Workshops and Seminars

  • Concerts and Musical Performances

  • Social Service Performances

Dada is an accomplished public speaker with over forty years of experience. He has given presentations at universities and colleges in North America, Europe, The Middle East, South Asia and the Far East.


Typically Dada speaks on themes related to yoga and meditation, but his interests extend to the social realm and he is equally comfortable addressing social and economic topics.

If you would like Dada to give a lecture in your locality please use our contact page.  Possible topics include:

  • What is meditation and how to practice it?
  • The Secrets of Meditation
  • How to Realize our Full Potential
  • How to Achieve Social Justice


Dada conducts half-day, one-day and weekend retreats as well as workshops and classes on spiritual and social topics. Here are the topics of  some recent workshops that he has led:

  • Tantra and the History of Yoga
  • Perfecting the Layers of the Mind With the Eight Limbs of Yoga
  • Bhakti: The Yoga of Love and Devotion
  • Introduction to Meditation: A three hour session combining instruction in meditation, three sessions of meditation, gentle yoga postures and deep relaxation.
  • Introduction to the Progressive Utilization Theory: How we can solve current social and economic problems with a cooperative and spiritual approach
  • The Roller Coaster of History: Understanding history through the perspective of P.R. Sarkar’s Social Cycle.


Dada has a guitar and is ready to perform wherever he is called. His performances range from concerts for kids to complete concerts of original songs mixed with all time favorite folk and rock classics.


Dada performs at yoga retreats, festivals, house concerts and other venues. Concert ideas include:

  • Spiritual concerts for Kids : old time favorite sing-along songs, some of Dada’s originals and spiritual stories.
  • Country and Eastern Music:  a performance of Dada’s original songs and some all time favorite folk and rock classics.
  • Music of Peace and Social Justice: original songs plus classic folk and rock songs.

If you would like Dada to perform at one of your events please use our contact page.

Dada regularly performs music at homes for senior citizens, children with disabilities and other places where a little bit of love and cheer is needed. There is no charge for these performances

         champaign county nursing home