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Dada’s music fuses the rhythms of folk, country and world music with the wisdom of yoga.

Although Dada has been playing the guitar and singing for the past 50 years, it was only in the past fifteen years that he tried his hand at composing his own songs. In 2003 he recorded a CD, Brighter Than The Sun, and has performed his songs in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. The songs on Brighter Than the Sun are acoustic based folk music whose lyrics weave together spiritual, ecological and social justice themes. There is also a touch of country in the songs, and one listener dubbed the blend as “Country and Eastern Music.”

Dada’s second CD Love is the Best was released in 2009. It was named the “best Indie CD of 2009″ by the Indie Music Review. This album was produced by Ryan Sam in New York.

Dada’s June, 2011 CD release As The World Spins Around, is a folk-country ensemble of nine new songs as well as a new recording of the title track. Backed by bass, drums, fiddle, mandolin, and electric guitar players under the direction of producer Ron Cannon, Dada’s song were given an exciting, full sound.

In the summer of 2013 Dada released a children’s CD, Do What You Can. It contains the title tune, children’s classics and a few of Dada’s previous songs done in an informal “unplugged” style geared towards singalongs at home.

Use the music players below to listen to the tracks, and click the links to buy digital downloads or physical CDs.

Remember the Sun Will Shine, 2018

Trickle on Down, 2016


Do What You Can (2013)

As the World Spins Around (2011)

Love is the Best (2009)

Brighter Than the Sun (2003)