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Remember the Sun Will Shine: New CD is Out!

We started work on it last April in Colorado and finished the new CD last week, and now here it is! Remember the Sun Will Shine is a collection of yoga-infused folk music, with a new children’s sons, a cover of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and two songs dealing with pressing social issues. You can listen now, download the album or individual tracks at BandCamp Remember the Sun Will Shine …Read More

New Review of “Trickle on Down” Appears Online

The online music site Jamsphere.com did a review of my CD.  Here it is: Dada Veda: “Trickle On Down” – music that belongs to the world! Originally from New York, Dada Veda is a meditation and yoga teacher, as well as a singer-songwriter. Although Dada has been playing the guitar and singing for the past 40 years, it was only in the past ten years that he tried his hand …Read More

Busy Spring and a Busy Summer Coming Up!

I recently received shipment of a new CD and a new book. The new CD is “Trickle on Down” and is a World Music album. The title track is done in a reggae style and addresses the issue of economic inequality.  In the same vein we have re-recorded my song “Waiting for that Time” which expresses my desire to see a world where there is social justice everywhere.  The other …Read More

Do We Really Need Philanthropy?

The recent announcement that Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, and his wife Priscilla Chan would be “giving away” their fortune to charity has become the subject of some controversy. It turns out that the new charitable entity that Zuckerberg and Chan have set up is actually a for-profit company and several critics have said that what is really happening is that this rich couple is just trying to evade taxes …Read More