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Dada has written a number of articles and essays over the past 40 years, here are some of them:

Yoga and Health
Chakras and the Subtle Anatomy of Yoga
Ease Your Way into the Practice of Yoga and Meditation
Fasting: What are the benefits of Fasting?
Fasting: One of the Secrets of Long Life
Yoga Health Secrets
The Eight Parts of Yoga Practice
Fasting: Learn and Practice One of the Secrets of Long Life
How to Become Regular in Your Yoga Practice
Seven Misconceptions About Yoga
Lose Weight With a Balanced Vegetarian Diet
Yoga for Inner and Outer Beauty
Why Should I Practice Yoga Postures?

Yoga and Ethics
Yama and Niyama: the Foundation Stones of Yoga
Ahimsa: Not Hurting Others by Thought, Word or Deed
What does a Buddhist Monk do about pests in the garden?
Non-Stealing (Asteya): A Key Component of Yoga’s Code of Morality
Satya: Speaking and Thinking in the Spirit of Welfare
Brahmacarya: Meditation in Action
Aparigraha: Taking What You Need
Shaoca: Cleanliness and Purity of Mind is Vital to Self-Realization
How to Maintain Contentment and Peace of Mind: The Yoga Practice of Santos’a
Tapah: Service on the Path to Liberation

How to Meditate with a Mantra
Meditation: The Greatest Secret of the Universe
Tips for Better Meditation
How Meditation Can Enhance Your Creativity
5 Reasons Why You Should Start Practicing Yoga and Meditation
Teach Your Children to Meditate

A Balanced Mind: One of the Secrets of Success
Good Advice from the Sages
Do We Have Free Will?
Microvita and the Mystery of Life

Social Issues

Why We Need Economic Democracy
Is It Time for a Cap on Individual Wealth?
Is There an Alternative to Capitalism?
Should David Beckham Be Paid a Million Dollars Per Week?
Who is the Real Enemy?
Capitalism: a Miserable Failure