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Dada Veda is a yoga monk, meditation instructor, singer-songwriter and social activist all rolled up in one orange robe. This is his official website and it contains  music, articles and books on meditation and spirituality, as well as news about workshops, lectures and related activities.


Dada fuses the wisdom of yoga with the rhythms of folk, rock and country music. He has released four CDs in the past 12 years and more are on the way. You can listen to full songs, download songs or purchase physical CDs on the music page.

Come and Listen

Dada's Memoir

From Brooklyn to Benares and Back is a recently published memoir. Dada chronicles his life's journey on the spiritual path, beginning with his birth in Brooklyn and on through his travels around the world.

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Feed Your Mind

For the past forty years Dada has been a spiritual teacher. Over this period he has written scores of instructive articles. Most of them have been gathered on this site. Feed your mind with these articles.

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Music With a Message

From the Blog

Music and Social Service

Whenever I perform or give a public talk I try to connect with my audience. I see how they are reacting and accordingly get inspiration or adjust my approach to make better rapport.

For the past few years I have been giving monthly concerts at two retirement homes and at one school for severely disabled children. Most of the people in the retirement homes that I visit are suffering from various stages of dementia and it is a challenge to make contact with them. Similarly the children and the adolescents at the school for the disabled are suffering from congenital problems which have affected them physically and mentally and I am not sure if I am getting through to them with my songs. Continue reading “Music and Social Service” »