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Dada Veda is a yoga monk, meditation instructor, singer-songwriter and social activist all rolled up in one orange robe. This is his official website and it contains  music, articles and books on meditation and spirituality, as well as news about workshops, lectures and related activities.


Dada fuses the wisdom of yoga with the rhythms of folk, rock and country music. He has released four CDs in the past 12 years and more are on the way. You can listen to full songs, download songs or purchase physical CDs on the music page.

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Dada's Memoir

From Brooklyn to Benares and Back is a recently published memoir. Dada chronicles his life's journey on the spiritual path, beginning with his birth in Brooklyn and on through his travels around the world.

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Feed Your Mind

For the past forty years Dada has been a spiritual teacher. Over this period he has written scores of instructive articles. Most of them have been gathered on this site. Feed your mind with these articles.

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Eight Limbs of Yoga

Music With a Message

From the Blog

Busy Spring and a Busy Summer Coming Up!

I recently received shipment of a new CD and a new book. The new CD is “Trickle on Down” and is a World Music album. The title track is done in a reggae style and addresses the issue of economic inequality.  In the same vein we have re-recorded my song “Waiting for that Time” which expresses my desire to see a world where there is social justice everywhere.  The other songs on the CD have spiritual themes. You can listen to the tracks on my music page

I also was happy to get copies of my new book The Wisdom of Tantra.  This is a new and revised edition of The Wisdom of Yoga and it is a simple guide to all of the topics of Ananda Marga yoga philosophy.

The book and the CD were the works of spring (and I didn’t even mention my trip to India!), now the summer is awaiting.

From June 26-July 1 I will attend the Path of Bliss Summer Retreat in Round Top, NY . I will perform songs at the retreat’s cultural program.  Later in July, July 1-23, I will participate in the Prout Convention in Vig, Denmark.  I will also perform there